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Sammy "Shmoulik" Avigal's biography as told by him.
In the beginning there were dreams, hopes and my very first metal band, "Mover" what a good experience, working with a very talented guitar player, Arjen Anthony Lucassen, who later went on to shine in bands like "Bodine", "Vengeance", and became very successful with his solo projects "Ayron", "Star One", and more.
The next step in my career was joining "Hammerhead", a fun band, party all the time. What else can you expect, with guys like Chris Van Jaarsveld and Dick Stam, these guys adopted the sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, slogan literally, and boy we took it as far as we could.
Then came the breakthrough I was waiting for, I was asked to join the very first Dutch heavy metal band "Picture" "the loudest band in the land", with them I recorded the "Diamond Dreamer" album, which by many fans is regarded as their best album.
Things didn't work out as well as I thought so I decided to start my own band "Horizon" The musical style was very melodic. We got a record deal with CBS Records and recorded "Master Of The Game" an album I produced.
I later moved to the U.S. and joined "The Rods" a great band, very experienced with the likes of David "Rock" Feinstein, who is Ronny James Dio's cousin and played with him in the legendary band "Elf". Carl Canady, a drummer producer, who produced "Anthrax", "Exciter" and many more metal bands of that era and legendary bass player Craig Gruber, who played with "Elf", "Rainbow", "Black Sabbath" and "Gary Moore". We recorded the album "Heavier Than Thou", which was praised in many reviews by the metal community at that time.
Then came a long line of projects "Vision", "Harpo", "Kane", "Vindicator", "House Rules", "Machine" and. "Moonrock", my favorite project. There is something special in working with Dani Shetrit, it's like working with your musical twin.
"GOF" (Guardians Of The Flame) is a one album project, nevertheless working with Jack Starr, Joe Hasselvender and Ned Meloni brought up some great memories and made music fun again.
In the year 2006 I was busy coproducing the new The Rods come back CD with Carl Canedy and David "Rock" Feinstein. It was a hard and satisfying work, we had Ronnie James Dio as a guest singer on two songs: "The Code" and "Metal Will Never Die". I had some good times working with the guys again, but the production of the album was taking too long and too much of my time. I had to move on to previously scheduled recordings of a new Avigal CD.
The new "Avigal" CD is titled "Unbroken" with Dick Reome on guitars, Chud Turter on drums, Freddy Villano on bass, and Rich Ackerman on guitars. I am very happy with the results so far. Happy days are here again and it's a lot of fun.
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